Why Choose Us

We Are Providing Best Service Since 2012 to present

Absheron Diesel LTD was established in 2012 by group of highly qualified personal who have a specific education degree in particular field and quite rich experience from their previous work place as Technip, Wartsila and Caterpillar.

Absheron Diesel starts his activity almost from the “zero”. Owing to the highly skilled staff and professional management our company gains certain amount of brilliant and unique reputation in the specific field. At the moment our workshop is equipped with necessary equipment, which is allow our highly skilled staff to do their best to present quality performance in the end of the each started project. 

As a result of good company management, which is based on high service performance and best quality on the market, Absheron Diesel have a successful business partnership with such companies as: Caspian Marine Services Limited Azerbaijan, TOPAZ Marine Azerbaijan/BUE Caspian LTD, Atlantic Waist Solutions, Bahar Energy, Caspian Business Group.